Concreting Gallery

Concreting 1 Concreting 2 Concreting 3 Concreting 4 Concreting 5 Concreting 6 Concreting 7 Concreting 8 Concreting 9 Concreting 10 Concreting 11 Concreting 12 Concreting 13 Concreting 14 Concreting 15 Concreting 16 Concreting 17 Concreting 18 Concreting 19 Concreting 20 Concreting 21 Concreting 22 Concreting 23 Concreting 24 Concreting 25 Concreting 26 Concreting 27 New concrete base laid for jacuzzi in back garden Tamaragua. Fuerteventura Base with metal rods for strength for base of jacuzzi Completed base and jacuzzi back in place ready for use, great addition to a garden in the sun.  Corralejo Concreting of new pathway leading through garden,preparation for tiling. Tiles added to pathway with border tiled edging. concreting in steps made to new roof terrace. Corraeljo steps to roof terrace constructed from scratch
Corralejo roof terrace landing reinforced for concreting.
Corralejo cementing the landing with reinforced steel rendering on newley built roof staircase with under stair storage

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