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Design Ideas

Space is a precious commodity, so it makes sense to enjoy every inch you have using outside space, be it a window ledge, roof or balcony, make it an enjoyable and stylish way of extending the boundaries of your home.

View the photos and see how your house or garden can be transformed. Remember these are building ideas that can be altered to suit your personal preferences or designs.

Think of your space as an extension to your home

Create a flow between Inside and Out.

Sun alone does not make for a comfortable outside space.  There are many ways it can be made inviting.  Wind and draught can be minimised, ugly views concealed, privacy created and colour maximised to make it tempting even if the Fuerteventura sun is not shining.

The largest or smallest of garden spaces should have a style, a style that suits you and the way that you live, as well as the character of your home and surroundings.  Treat each element as part of a single design.

Under the headings in Our Building Work you will see a variety of photos on Patios, Block Paving, Pergolas, Modern Gardens and many more that can be used or altered to suit your preferences.  We are always open to suggestions and willing to accommodate designs to your liking.

Modern Gardens

A modern Garden doesn't necessarily mean space age and come with the same price tag. It simply means that it stretches the boundaries from what most people would call a traditional garden, ie: lawn, a patio, and plants on the border. A modern garden may incorporate more modern styles and structures, with the use of maybe sculptures, glass and attractive lighting to name but a few.

A Modern Garden simply breaks free from tradition and embraces everything new and exciting, basically do not be afraid to try new ideas and combine them together to form something away from the norm.

Building a Modern Garden does not mean you have to build something that is near to impossible it just means you are creating your own individual style.

Modern Gardens

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