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Patio 2 changed Patio 3 Patio 4 Patio 5 Patio 6 Patio 7 Patio 8 Patio 9 Patio 10 Patio 1 You will see a varied selection our  building work which includes the construction of walls, terraces, pergolas, roofs, fencing, irrigation, planting, stonework and extensions.  We hope that after looking at this selection of building Patio 11 Patio 12 Patio 13 Patio 14 Patio 15 Patio 16 Patio 17 Patio 18 Patio 19 Patio 20 Patio 21 Patio 22 Patio 23 Patio 24 Patio 25 Patio 26 Patio 27 Patio 28 Patio 29 Patio 30 Patio 31 Patio 32 Patio 33 Patio 34 Patio 35 Patio 36 Patio 37 Patio 38 Patio 39 Patio 40 Patio 41 Patio 42 Patio 43 Patio 44 Patio 45 Patio 46 Patio 47 Patio 48 Patio 49 Patio 50 Patio 51 Patio 52 Patio 53 Patio 54 Patio 55 Patio 56 Patio 57 Patio 58 Patio 59 Patio 60 Patio 61 Patio 62 Patio 63 Patio 64 Patio 65 Patio 66 New tiled terrace in Tamargua with detailed curved edges adding feature and detail to the planted area of the terrace Overhead view of newly tiled terrace to back garden in Tamaragua with detailed border tiles adding an extra features to the garden. Tiling around pool area and staircase construction leading down to the pool area Garden terrace in Las Americas complex, Corralejo new tiles terrace and artifical grass adds a modern twist to an otherwise unusable space. Overview of new terracw with tiled patio and artifical grass adding a modern statement to a small garden.  Corralejo Terrace tiling at Bahia Azul complex Corralejo Fuerteventura roof top revamp patio tiling all tiling by Paul Fuertescapes Pool terrace and pool tiling completed by Fuertescapes revamp terrace by fuertescapes Before work starts on a patio Patio finished just a few plants needed to complete the whole new look.
This job was carried out in france This add class to a roof terrace ideal for chilling on in the Fuerte sun roof terrace corralejo, fuerteventura roof terrace corralejo This tiling effect adds class to a roof terrace ideal for entertaining in Fuerteventura

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