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Latest Projects

Welcome to the latest projects section of the “Fuertescapes” website, where you can browse over the jobs which we are currently working on and building work which we have recently finished.  

This work includes a full garden landcape at Mirador De Las Dunas that included the building of two new terraces, a natural stone shower unit, planting and irrigation, fencing and chill-out Jacuzzi area.

Also you will see a new BBQ area built in the garden of a villa in Lajares and a complete bathroom refurbishment in Corralejo.

This page is constantly updated with all our building and landscaping work and is accompanied with full testimonials, which are to be seen on our “testimonials” section where you can see for yourself what our clients thought.  All photos have been taken by “Fuertescapes” and we can arrange for all prospective clients to view any of the building work with the permission of our clients.

Latest Projects Gallery

Half way through the renovation in Las Americas garden with tiling and artificial grass a fantastic transformation Finished prodcut look back at the before photo and just see the difference small improvements can make and it dosen't have to break the bank Concreting laid for pathway leading through the garden to the pool area, preparation for tiles with a dectotive border all adds to the atmosphere of the garden New concrete base laid with reinforcements to take the weight of the jacuzzi Leveling new terrace in preparation for tiles. Garden in Tamaragua Preparation of stone borders to new tiled terrace, garden in Tamaragua Laying new tiles to the terrace, garden in Tamaragua Completed new tiled terrace with stone borders, garden in Tamaragua New bathroom floor tiling, house in Corralejo Completed bathroom in house Corralejo Completed bathroom refurb to house in Corralejo Natural stone unit to garden shower Tamaragua Garden area with tiled flower beds and cobbled borders Tamaragua Natural stone shower base to garden shower with tiled detail to add character to the garden and house in Tamaragua Jacuzzi back in place ready for relaxing Before work Overhead view of new terrace with curved border tiles adding detail to the planted area of the terrace Back terrace in Tamaragua before work on new pergola begins to add shade, protection and general character to terrace Work begins on pergola to the back terrace in Tamaragua frame constructed.  Pergola takes shape with suport beams added to framework for pergola Tamaragua, Fuerteventura Ashpalting roof of pergola for weather protection Laying out of the ground ready for concreting in preparation for tiling, watch this space! Completed tiled terrace, with decorative tiles and block borders, completley change the look of this property Tiling begins with mosaic tiles to add colour and protect pool surface Overhead view of the new terrace, leaving the existing  Palm Tree for decoration.  This terrace adds and stylish area for entertaining and BBQ's. Full picture of terrace and Pergola with clay tiled roof.  Fabulous for entertaining what a difference, check the next photo in this series as a reminder of how this looked before! spot the difference A reminder of how the property looked from the previous photo, how impresive ! adds style and value to your property Repairing ceiling and adding new light fittings and replastering the ceiling Tiling of arch way leading to new kitchen to intergrate through to the lounge. Kitchen completed with new units and opening up of original kitchen making a long galley kitchen with lots more light and space.  See testimonial page for customers comments Finished storage unit painted, ashpalted and varnished to help protect from the elements. An ideal solution for any property with limited storage space. Refurb of local bar in Corralejo, taking up of original wooden floor and replacing with block work to create a surface for tiling Tiling of new stage area begins...... Tiling finished fitted neon strip lights to border of tiles ready to party ....... New driange off of patio area Beginings of frame work for Stud Wall in house in Caleta De Fuste Adding pool coppings Bahia Azul Corralejo by Fuertescapes New tiling on terrace with non slip tiles Bahia Azul Terrace tiled by Fuertescapes at Bahia Azul The finished product what a difference a little tiling can make.
Bahia Azul Corralejo by Fuertescapes Fuertescapes Frame work constructed in wood for Stud Wall.Caleta De Fuste Opening in Stud wall for doorway.  Caleta De Fuste Doorway and door fitted into Stud Wall. Another good job from Fuertescapes Chips made into the wall to create a better base to fix stone onto  wall Wall painted and sealed Stone work begins and already you can see the difference that it is going to make to this garden in Corralejo Paul seals the stone which not only seals but brigns out the natural colour of the stone. New local refit Corralejo highstreet Preparation before tiling begins on new terrace in Tamaragua, Corralejo 2011 Tile lay out on terrace before the hard work begins
Plant borders defined in the tiling to add a decorative edge to this stylish terrace Completed terrace plant edges add a modern touch Another satisfied customer for Fuertescapes even the kids think so too! Rendering and repainting of roof in El Cotillo Roof repairs El Cotillo Messy work this painting! Repairs completed El Cotillo Another terrace in Tamaragua click on to see the difference 
Before checking levels all the way through. Concreting The end result what a difference a tile makes. Over head view of finished tiled pool and terrace.  Adding colour definition and praticality to a property.
Bahia Azul Different view of completed terrace, Tamaragua, Fuerteventura
New built in wardrobe in main bedrooms to a town house in Corralejo town, adding extra storage space Doors fitted to wardbrobes Finished product Before work begins on town house pool terrace, hard work as pool had not been fitted well on original constuction Preparation with concrete ready for tiling to begin Tiling begins! Begining to take shape Tile spacing Nearly done Before work commences with Pergola in the south of Fuerteventura Taking shape pergola with trellis surround Construction of steps leading down to the pool area Corralejo Staircase taking shape in Corralejo Tiling of staircase to pool area Corralejo Kitchen with new granite to complete the look Kitchen with Granite splash back 
Fuerteventura Stairway completed with decrotive tiles and lights insets adds a stylish look side view of completed staircase add style to the pool area, Corralejo Before work begins in Las Americas complex Corraeljo, Tiling of Patio and laying of artificial grass to transform a garden space Fencing installed and garden walls rendered and painted, Garen starts to take shape already a huge improvement to a small garden area in Corralejo Before work begins at Bahia Azul just look and be amazed at the transformation Before work begins in Bahia Azul Pool gets a repaint with protective paint and sealant Tiling starts with Mosaic tiles Copings added for an extra design factor to the pool area Tiling around pillars for more added affect Terrace tiling for patio area to complete the whole look Terrace tiling Bahia Azul Revamp on roof terrace with tiling Grass laid for chill area on terrace Completed pool and terrace area what a differnece another great job from Fuertescapes Bahia azul completed what a differnce adding rental potential or just some high quality good living area for the owners Pool details complete Roof terrace completed by Fuertescapes Roof terrace completed by Fuertescapes Before work begins in Las Americas complex Corralejo Before work at Las Americas Preperation of terrace area Arificial grass is laid as a contrast to tiling Terrace complete wtih tiling by Fuertescapes and roof tiling roofing begins The finished product a lovely relaxing area to enjoy in the sun New security gate and fencing to front garden in Tamaragua, Corralejo New gates to front entrance of house in Tamaragua Stonework sign Casa Torino Restauraant in Villaverde, Fuerteventura Lights and features added to an otherwise plain wall giving a wonderful lighting atmosphere at night Lights inlaid to steps for a unique mix of modern and Spanish tiles  works by Fuertescapes, Fuerteventura Side view on of water feature and lights set into the wall
Works by Fuertescapes Painting outside of building Pubelo Canario, Fuerteventura New fencing adds a stlylish finish to a garden in Pueblo Canario Before Fuertescapes International goes to work the Birchmore brothers Just before work begins in France Preparing for foundations to be laid Leveling out , ready for tiling Keeping an eye on the worker Levels checked throughout job Nearly there! Now fcr the pathway setting in the granite steps Job done Work completed Viva la France  another great Job by Fuertescapes, now for the journey home! Patio with plants and furniture added, it's hard to remember what it looked like before ! After planting and furniture added what a difference, now a beautiful space to chill in New picket fence added to a Tamaragua garden wall for decoration and secuity Side view of new fence A new garden gate again adding privacy and security to a drive way in Tamaragua Road side view of new gate Long wooden pergola for outdoor space completed with timber and weather proofed with asphalt villaverde Underneath view of completed pergola, creating a large outside class space for a Yoga company roof cracks in flat roof Oasis Dunas Corralejo Asphalting roof Oasis Dunas Corralejo Sealing joints Completed roof repairs Oasis Dunas Corralejo bring on the rain! beginning of work for new staircase to the roof terrace
Corralejo Staircase construction
Corralejo Making good holdings for  new staircase
New staircase
Corralejo Cementing in steps in the new staircase for roof terrace
Corralejo Now cemented steps to the landing on the roof terrace
Corralejo reinforced landing leading to roof terrace at the top of new stairway
Corralejo rendered walls and steps creating useful space under stairway by adding a door.
Corralejo New tiling to roof top terrace in Corralejo adds style to a relaxing space for entertaining in fuerteventura

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