Our Building Work

"Our building work" is an archive of the work that we have completed in Fuerteventura in the last few years, all the way up to our most recent work. All photos that you see in this section are originals taken by Fuertescapes and if you would like to view any of the included material we would be only too glad to show you with the permission of the client.

You will see a varied selection our building work which includes the construction of walls, terraces, pergolas, roofs, fencing, irrigation, planting, stonework and extensions. We hope that after looking at this selection of building photographs you will gain some new ideas and thereafter contact "Fuertescapes" so you can set the wheels in motion to start the construction of your dream garden or house.



What can I do with my patio? Which colour should my patio be? How do I construct my patio?
All are questions we have been asked a hundred times. The great thing about patios is that you can do whatever you like with them.  There are thousands of different colours to choose from and a thousand different ways to construct them. The difficulty is trying to decide which.
This is where Fuertescapes comes in, with design ideas and brochures you can choose your tiles and colours and with the help of our Design Ideas gallery you can, with the advice of Fuertescapes, start to decide how to construct your patio at a price that suits your budget

Please feel free to phone to arrange a meeting for free advice and design ideas.

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Natural stonework can be used in a great number of ways - building new patios, stone cladding of interior and exterior walls, barbecues, swimming pool surrounds and a variety of other areas your house or garden.

Stone is widely available to the building industry here in Fuerteventura and comes in hundreds of different colours, sizes and patterns - the price can vary according to the quality and thickness. Fuertecapes can supply you with samples of stone to suit the colour and style that you prefer at a price that within your building budget.

In our gallery you can see a wide variety of photos taken of stonework installed by Fuertescapes on our building projects. The photos include cladded walls, natural stonewall, pool surrounds, shower bases, barbecues and roof terraces. You can be extremely creative with stone, do not be afraid to utilise it to great effect.

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Roofing comes in all shapes and forms - Wooden roofs, concrete roofs, polycarbonate roofs, tiled roofs and asphalted roofs to name a few. Fuertescapes have a vast experience on a host of roofing practices, which allows us to build some wonderful features to your house or garden.

For example why not cover a utility room for extra room, a wooden roof over a patio for shade or build a tiled gazebo on the roof terrace to create a chill out area for your home. Building a roof can totally change the feel of an area allowing you a newly created environment.

The gallery of photos taken of our building work can give you some ideas of where and how you can improve certain areas of your home by expanding your space to its full potential and letting you take full advantage of Fuerteventura's year round weather and outdoor lifestyle.

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Pergolas and Fencing

Wooden pergolas are a great addition to any garden whether it is simply for decoration or to be used as shelter from the midday sun.  There are many different styles and wood that can be used in the construction of these effective wooden structures and sometimes it may be difficult for you to decide where to position the pergola and which style suits your property.

Fuertescapes has many different design ideas that you can choose from and with help from us, we can decide together which pergola would best suit your needs.

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Do you need more space for family members? a storage area for all those things you have hoarded over the years, or simply would just like a larger living space to relax in,
if so then think about building an extension to your property to provide you with that extra space. You could build a new garage for the car, with extra room for your golf clubs, bikes etc or on to an existing bedroom to give you that extra room for those new wardrobes or en-suite bathroom.

The building of an extension even a small one can be the perfect way to provide you with that little bit more. Fuertescapes have completed many extensions here on Fuerteventura and in this section of the website you can view some of the extension builds that we have completed and the customer testimonials to give you an idea of the excellent quality of our work.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any advice on how best to build your new extension and start the transformation today……

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Concrete is the backbone to all houses and terraces so must be correctly used and installed for it to be effective.  Building structures in concrete must be strong and reinforced so cracking and movement do not occur. 

Fuertescapes build with high quality materials to a strength required by all building architects.  We use local concrete plants where possible so we know that we have an extremely strong and effective material. All structures are reinforced and pinned without fail so as we know that any sub-base or structure complies with building regulations.

Please view our photos which include concrete driveways, concrete floors and garages so as you can see constructions in progress with the Fuertescapes team.

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Planting & Irrigation

The sheer number of plants on offer can make selecting those that suit both the location and style of your garden seem a daunting prospect, however with a little help from Fuertescapes and our local planting expert we can arrange a package that will suit your garden, your preferences and your pocket.

An assessment of your garden will determine which plants can thrive successfully and from this we can begin to create your dream garden with a wealth of beauty, colour and tress creating natural shade making your haven attractive to local birds and animals (plus rental clients and potential buyers).

If you look around Fuerteventura you will see an abundance of colour and life so be bold - this could be your garden paradise too, colourful, beautiful, a joy to look at and beautiful outdoor surroundings to entertain friends in .

Take a look through our gallery to view some of the beautiful plants and trees we have here in Fuerteventura.


Most beautiful gardens in Fuerteventura will have a good irrigation system, these systems are very easy to install and will run off a timer so your garden receives the life giving water it needs to survive in Fuerteventura.

We always advise that an irrigation system is fitted as it highly increases the healthiness of your plants, and unlike hosing your garden the irrigation systems are a more cost effective supply of water.

Click to see the Planting and Irrigation Gallery

Block and Brickwork

Block paving is widely overlooked in Fuerteventura as patterned imprinted concrete is widely used here, but take a closer look. Block paving is extremely effective on driveways and patios yet unlike pattern imprinted concrete it does not fade in sunlight or crack; take a look at a concrete path after two years of sun - very faded and very ugly.
With block paving there is no colour fade and no cracking as it is designed as a semi flexible surface.  Fuerteventura has limited access to block paving but Fuertescapes can provide you with ample types of blocks to choose from and can order many different types.  Browse through the many different styles and patterns that you can introduce to block paving and you may be surprised.

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Aluminium is a great way to secure and seal your home to the elements of Fuerteventura weather. Wooden windows become extremely troublesome in this hot climate as they will swell and contract significantly over the years. With aluminium sliding patio doors and windows frames, however this will not happen. Aluminium will last for up to 20 years, is easy to fit, and comes in a host of colours and designs, i.e. white, bronze, red, blue and imitation wood effect, which over the years has become extremely life like and highly effective.

Fuertescapes can arrange for you to have new aluminium fitted with the help of one of the many companies based here on Fuerteventura.

Sliding patio door create space within your house and create an easy access to gardens. All fittings come with highly secured locking devices for your peace of mind, if you are not actually here on the island and need to know that your property is protected.

You will see examples of our work in our photo gallery linked to this page to give you patio design ideas.

Canopies and Gazebos

Garden Sun Canopies and garden gazebos are a great way to create shade and offer a cooler more relaxing atmosphere in the heat of Fuerteventura. Patio canopies and car port canopies can be customised to your needs and extend your living area. These can be made to fit over pergolas and steel structures or can be designed to fit over any area that you require.

We at Fuertescapes can provide you with a service that will supply and install these canopies or gazebos as we work closely with a number of companies based here on the island of Fuerteventura. Remember, you can have any colour canopy of gazebo and it will be 100% waterproof with a guarantee of 2 years and is positively more sturdy in structure than the folding gazebos on the market - which given Fuerteventura's weather conditions do not withstand the conditions for any length of time and are not as cost effective in the long run.

Check out the photos to see some examples of how canopies can significantly improve your home comforts.

Click to see the Aluminium, Canopies and Gazebos Gallery


Wooden features in buildings and gardens are probably one of the most effective and widely used. Wooden pergolas, decking and roofs all make highly effective creations to a house or garden. They can be painted or stained to create a warm environment, left natural to create a more rustic finish, covered to create shade, the list goes on as there are too many things you can do with wood to list.

Through our experience on Fuerteventura we would say that wooden pergolas built over patios, wooden roofs and wooden outhouses are probably the most popular ways in which wood is utilised here.

Fuertescapes has a wealth of experience in carpentry work and we offer you our gallery of carpentry work completed here on buildings throughout the island of Fuerteventura.
Fuertescapes can advise you on prices and different ideas that will suit your building or garden and how best to tackle the creation that you desire.

Contact us now to start creating your dream

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Wood Composite Decking

This maintenance free decking is an extremely high quality board perfect for the environment here on Fuerteventura.

Wooden decking has a torrid time of it under the blazing sun in the summer and damp winters. Wood decking warps, splits, bends and needs constant repainting. Wood composite boards do not! The wood composite boards have no disadvantages, they are naturally high quality do not warp, are maintenance free, easily installed without seeing any screws and are environmentally friendly.

You may think that to install these boards would be incredibly expensive, but infact it costs the same as installing wooden decking. This is a new product from Belgium and hardly anybody has had it installed yet.

Why not be one of the first to take advantage of this unique material and have a hassle free future around your pool or garden terrace? We can offer you samples and brochure information. Just contact us for more details for a maintenance free terrace - a one off payment

Click to see the Wood Composite Decking Gallery

Modern Gardens

A modern Garden doesn't necessarily mean space age and come with the same price tag. It simply means that it stretches the boundaries from what most people would call a traditional garden, ie: lawn, a patio, and plants on the border. A modern garden may incorporate more modern styles and structures, with the use of e.g. sculptures, glass and attractive lighting to name but a few.
A Modern Garden simply breaks free from tradition and embraces everything new and exciting. Basically - do not be afraid to try new ideas and combine them together to form something away from the norm.

Building a Modern Garden does not mean you have to build something that is near to impossible it just means you are creating your own individual style.

For some inspirational examples check out our Design Ideas page.


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